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We build homes for the forcibly displaced

Internal displacement can happen suddenly, following an environmental disaster like a hurricane or an earthquake. It may occur over a short, intense period of civil war; it may take place slowly and continually over decades; it may be the result of public or private sector development projects.


At Nostos we build homes for the forcibly displaced to help them thrive. Our innovative homes are designed to serve as intermediate shelters for people displaced due to violent conflict or natural disasters. The shelters are modular, light-weight and can be easily transported to affected areas.

We believe that it is not enough to merely shelter the displaced - and therefore deliver the “whole package” - including living spaces, solar panels, sanitation systems, all of which can be assembled within a few hours with no specialized tools or training. It is customizable and expandable which allows residents to add new rooms, re-orient existing ones for purposes such as housing cattle, serving as shared community spaces, education and health facilities etc.

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